About Us

At Good Life Organics, our primary focus is making an impact on the health of our local community so that we all can live a life of abundance. We aim to achieve this by supporting our local farmers whenever possible; by following sustainable practices with eco-friendly disposables and composting; and by serving the most nutrient dense food and drink options for a feeling of vitality.

Our main offerings include smoothies, smoothie bowls, and cold-pressed juices. We also serve local Greek yogurt parfaits, baked oatmeal, seasonal soups, and sandwiches. Superfoods are a big deal around here. From an extensive add-on list to being incorporated into traditional café drinks, there are no shortcomings when it comes to our love for superfoods. We just hope you’re adventurous enough to try something unique!

In addition to our menu items, we always have 4 rotating taps of Baba’s Brew kombucha, Backyard Beans nitro cold brew coffee, and Wandering Bear cold brew coffee. Growler and growlette fill-ups are encouraged! Our retail market area features: a functional beverage bottle shop featuring an extensive variety of superfood beverages; energy and wellness shots; granola, energy bars, and chocolates; superfood supplements; and an assortment of products from local vendors.

We are servant leaders: we believe in serving the community, community outreach, and are relationship focused first and foremost. We believe in education as the foundation of our business and its success based on how it can positively impact the overall health of those we serve. The main reason for starting this business was to fill the gap of affordable, organic, grab n go nutrition delivered by people passionate about this industry and its mission. We want our county to be defined as a place for positive energy, abundant economics, and HEALTH.

Our everyday focus is on accessibility of our healthy offerings, so we provide online ordering, delivery (soon), curbside pick-up, and prepared take-out meals (grab n go fridge) that focus on Vegan and GF options. We pride ourselves in supporting other small, local businesses and collaborating with them. Here is a list of those businesses: Half Dozen Café, Barbell Plates, IM Able Foundation, Akron House Tea, Wholesome Dairy Farms, RiJuice, Lancaster Farmacy, Sol Kitchen Studios, Backyard Beans, Baba’s Brew, Goose Lane Egg Farm, Awesome Foods, and Daily Loaf Bakery.



  • Joel Moceri
    Director of Integrative Health & Managing Director
    Joel Moceri
    Director of Integrative Health & Managing Director
    Joel has been a resident of Berks County all of his life. He participated in a variety of sports growing up but fell in love with running. At Wyomissing HS, he culminated a successful running career by earning a scholarship to run for Penn State and acquiring the nickname “wheels.” During his 5 year experience at Penn State, Joel graduated with degrees in Kinesiology and Recreational Management. He was a 4x All-Big Ten academic recipient and earned 1st Team All-NCAA Eastern Regionals on his home course his senior year in cross country. His contributions as a DJ while living in the track house might arguably be his biggest accomplishment, however. Such is life, adversity hit. With the compounding effects of the real world out of college, complications in the health of his family, and poor nutrition, Joel’s health took a turn for the worse. He was diagnosed with anxiety and depression but did not quite understand how or why. After 8 years of traditional medical treatment with varying levels of severity and no end in sight, Joel turned to a more integrative health approach with his treatments, which included a drastic change in his nutrition. In addition to yoga, daily meditation, prayer, acupuncture, tapping, and belief training, he began eating with an emphasis on local, organic, and seasonal food options. Until all of these changes were implemented consistently did he finally break free of the daily ailments that he thought would be with him for the rest of his life. Joel decided to move away from a career in personal training, coaching, and the specialty running industry to pursue that of servicing others in the food and nutrition industry. Gaining valuable experience in the industry from serving as the Director of Business and Community Development at The Farmhouse Kitchen in West Reading allowed him to help found Good Life Organics with Conor and Courtnie. Joel lives and breathes an active and healthy lifestyle because it saved his life. He relishes any opportunity to educate and promote an integrative approach to health. His passion is relationship development, sharing an enthusiasm for taking interest in others and offering support in any way. Outside of his health interests, Joel is a diehard Philadelphia and Penn State sports fan. He enjoys the opportunity to dance all night amidst a considerably younger crowd while seeing his favorite international djs in concert. It took many years, but he’s now an active antique hunter and can be found antiquing weekly.
  • Ariana "Queen of Everything" Miley
    Juice Bar Team Member
    Ariana "Queen of Everything" Miley
    Juice Bar Team Member

    Ariana Miley is a 20yr old certified yoga instructor who is passionate about introducing daily habits that could help to change people’s lives for the better. As Ariana began to further her yoga practice years ago, she realized the importance of eating nutritious whole foods. When she added more leafy greens and fruits to her diet she noticed she felt much more energized and clear-minded. Ariana enjoys sharing how changing to an organic and holistic lifestyle has helped her to improve her quality of life overall, in every aspect. Ariana is very excited to be a part of the Good Life Organics team so that she can continue to help educate the public on the correlation between eating good, feeling good, and living the Good Life!

  • Alexander Bernhard
    Juice Bar Team Member
    Alexander Bernhard
    Juice Bar Team Member

    I am a former college basketball player and am now the owner of New Age Hoops, a basketball training company aimed to help players of all ages improve as athletes on and off the court. As a high school and college student, I always struggled with low energy, acne breakouts, and a weak immune system. It was not until my senior year of college in 2016 that I began to research what things like GMOs, pesticides, and processed foods/factory farming were doing to our health as well as the extreme negative impact on the environment these issues create. Over the past 2 and a half years I have developed an extreme passion to continue to increase my knowledge surrounding health & wellness. In doing so I know I will continue to build a strong foundation of health that will allow me to thrive in other areas of my life, as well as help others do the same. I am very excited to work at Good Life Organics where I am already learning more about the importance and power of organic raw superfoods, and where I will be able to network with others who strongly value their health. 

  • Evey "Scissor Hands" Martinez
    Juice Bar Team Member
    Evey "Scissor Hands" Martinez
    Juice Bar Team Member

    Evey is an Artist, Mom & "Healthy Hair Specialist.”  With years of experience in the beauty industry, she discovered that beauty and healthy hair does not start with the products you use (although they do play a part) but rather how well you take care of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually that makes your outer appearance glow.  Having this knowledge, she decided to expand her passion for healthy eating habits with Good Life Organics in November of 2018.

    Deeply inspired by the renowned herbalist Dr. Sebi, Evey further committed to her health journey during her first pregnancy with beautiful twins.  With no complications, she was amazed to realize that her health played a HUGE part in what doctors considered a "high risk" pregnancy. 


    "I am a firm believer that the universe creates the good and the bad in our lives to open our eyes to purpose.  I found my purpose when I saw how many people I care for with so many mental & physical health issues due to their daily habits, especially when it comes down to what they eat.  I may not be able to save the world but I sure can start, especially with a team of like minded individuals.  I realized a long time ago how unhealthy our grocery stores, restaurants, and fast food chains have become, and we play every part in that because we support their businesses. I'm ecstatic that the world is now becoming more health conscious, and that Good Life Organics is helping to make a difference!  We all need each other, and I'm SO proud that GLO is a place that takes the lead in empowering people to make healthier choices. We're making an impact, and I'm so fulfilled to be a part of this movement!"

  • Britt "Briggz" O'Brien
    Juice Bar Team Member
    Britt "Briggz" O'Brien
    Juice Bar Team Member
    Britt is a school teacher at Lauer’s Park Elementary in the Reading School District with a dream of becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant. She never really believed in living a healthy lifestyle as she grew up eating typical ‘Berks County’ food and never exercised. In 2011, Britt found a passion for running and, within a few years, completed her first half marathon. Her eating had improved slightly, but her focus was more on exercising and becoming a better runner. In 2015, Britt found herself in a very bad place. Her depression and anxiety became so severe to the point where she no longer enjoyed life. She knew she had to buckle down in order to find happiness and turned to exercise and healthier eating to lead the charge. Britt signed herself up for her first marathon to keep her motivation and confidence up. Unfortunately, her knees had other plans. She soon developed severe pain, ended up on a long road of physical therapy, and tried every option presented to her from her traditional doctor. Her depression began to come back as she found herself unable to run and making little progress with treatments. Thankfully, Joel re-entered her life and helped her focus on eating healthy and organic foods. Soon after, Britt found herself buying organic food and becoming more conscious about household products and products she was using on her body. Ask her 5 years ago if she envisioned herself where she is now and she would have laughed. Organic? Too expensive! Kale? Eww, it’s green! Toothpaste? Is that even important to pay attention to? Now she can never imagine going back to her old lifestyle. Healthy eating and exercise have​ become a huge importance to her everyday lifestyle. She is so thankful for the opportunity to be part of a business with others who share her same passion for overall health!